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Monica just finished directing "The Cask of Amontillado" by Edgar A. Poe, with Michael Pare, now in post (June 2014)

She also  directed "Rawdon's Roof" by DH Lawrence, which opened the 13th International DH Lawrence Conference in Gargnano, Italy (June 2014) 
 She recently directed and produced the film "A Bedtime Story" by Guy de Maupassant,  (2013). Monica is happy to have had the excellent Ken Kelsch ASC as DP for all three productions---Ken is known for such films as "The Big Night" with Stanley Tucci, "The Bad Lieutenant" with Harvey Keitel, "100 Feet" with Famke Jansen, etc.

In 2008 she produced the Off-Broadway play "Mindgame" by Anthony Horowitz ( "Foyle's War" etc.), directed by the legendary Ken Russell and starring Keith Carradine, which ran for 72 performances at the Soho Playhouse in NYC.

Monica had also previously produced the music video "The Sex Of It",written by Prince and performed by internationally renowned "Kid Creole and the Coconuts."

She also has a career as an actress, in such films as "Robin", ( in the title role),  as well as "Nocturna" and "New York Nights",  etc.

Monica owns the rights to D.H. Lawrence's "St. Mawr", a long-standing film project she hopes to bring to the screen, as well as an original screenplay "The Exhibit"

She is also now preparing to direct her next film "In the Gazebo" the opening night of MINDGAME by Anthony Horowitz, Soho Playhouse NYC Nov.2008..
Back Row: Joseph Callari, actor Keith Carradine, Lisi Tribble, playwright Anthony Horowitz, director Ken Russell, actor Lee Godart, Robert Blume.
Front Row; Theatre owner Darren Lee Cole and Lead Producer Monica Tidwell
with DP Ken Kelsch ASC, filming "Rawdon's Roof"
Lee Godart (Mark Styler) and Keith Carradine (Dr.Farquhar) in 2008 Off-Broadway production of "Mindgame" by Anthony Horowitz.
IT'S A WRAP!    "A Bedtime Story" by Maupassant
Exec. Neil Callari, director Monica Tidwell, actor Lee Godart, exec. John Davenport, actress Helene Cardona.
Helene Cardona and Lee Godart in "A Bedtime Story' by Guy de Maupassant. 2013
Kid Creole and the Coconuts Lifeboat Party Tour 1983
with, from left,(back) Adriana Kaegi, , Monica Tidwell, ,Taryn Hagi,and bandmember, (front) Coati Mundi, August Darnell(Kid Creole) Carol Coleman., and bandmember.  
'ROBIN',  1979 in the title role.

Directing "Rawdon's Roof" with Christopher Rich
("Reba", "Murphy Brown"
​"Rawdon's Roof" 2013-Lee Godart/Jamie Askew
"The Montresors were a great family." Michael Pare (Fortunato) & Lee Godart (Montresor) "The Cask of                 of Amontillado"                       
"This way!" -The Cask of Amontillado.
Lee Godart &Chris Rich in "Rawdon's Roof."